Chicken Palmy – a most delicious slow cooker recipe


I have been meaning to share an old family recipe that we call Chicken Palmy (no, nothing like chicken parmigiana) which was named after my home town Palmerston North in New Zealand. Just a side note – as chicken we used to call it chicken sick due to the frothy mixture it cooks in – this obviously needed to change soooooo Chicken Palmy it became. 

It is such a basic but delicious chicken dish which is loved by everyone who eats it (and I am sure they are not pretending!!!).

First place a packet french onion soup mix (the size that makes 1 litre of soup when mixed with water) and cream of mushroom soup mix (same size as just mentioned but I usually have to purchase two boxes of 2x cup of soup).



Now add roughly enough dry ginger ale (not a home brand) to cover the chicken. Note: you can add more if needed once the chicken is in the mixture. Below are my two favourite brands to use (I select the one that is the cheapest on the day I am shopping).

schweppes_dry_ginger_ale_1-25_lt_10380_1ginger-ale   chicken-3a

It’s not very attractive (you must agree) but trust me it is delicious!

Now add the chicken drumsticks. Note chicken thigh fillets are delicious done this way and we have served them at a dinner party with button mushrooms added to the slow cooker. Breasts are also delicious but I would do them in a casserole dish in the oven so as to not dry them out.


(these ones had a little more ginger ale added before cooking).

Put it all together before you leave for work (or just get busy with your day) and let it cook on low or auto setting all day. Serve on mashed potato (I am not usually a fan of mashed potato except with this dish) along with your favourite vegetables. 


The ‘gravy’ is divine so if there is leftovers, freeze in a ziplock bag!



8 chicken drumsticks (legs)

1 packet of french onion soup mix (powder) – enough to make 1 litre of soup (if water was added)

1 packet of cream of mushroom soup mix (powder) – enough to make 1 litre of soup (if water was added) Note: I am finding this harder to get so I buy 2x packets of cup of soup mix (it’s the same quantity)

1 x dry ginger ale (use about 1/3 to 1/2 bottle)


Add soup mixes to slow cooker

Add dry ginger ale (enough to cover chicken), mix together

Add the chicken.

Cook all day on low or auto settings.

Can’t get an easier meal than this!


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